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  “I Just Want To Praise You”

By Gennady Livshits

  We are blessed to feature  “ I just Want To Praise You”, by international Messianic music artist, Gennady Livshits. Gennady originally hails from Slutsk, Belorus, of the former Soviet Union. Now residing  in Montreal, Canada, Gennady has released this refreshing offering of praise to Yeshua. His unique, anointed song style will captivate your very soul to stand up for the Lord. There is no doubt that you will want to order your copy of this wonderful Messianic music CD.

My first song pick for a sample; is entitled, “Praise Him You Heavens”. Directly from the Psalms comes this inspired song of praise. Gennady does a great job with this triumphant song to the Lord. You will be praising Him after listening to this one.

“Melech Ozair” is my second song sample pick. This traditional song is brought to life with Gennady’s contemporary song style. I am sure that our G-d, King Redeemer is pleased with this praise to him! Let me know what you think.

The third song pick as a song sample is entitled “More Love, More Power”. Gennady’s soulful adaptation of this great, contemporary worship song will leave you with lifted hands and a heart yearning for the Lord.

A great beginning to a bright future Messianic music ministry.  “ I just Want To Praise You” will be a welcomed addition to your Messianic music collection.

 Biography of

Gennady Livshits

Gennady Livshits was raised in a seculare Jewish family within the community of Slutsk, in the region of "Belarus" of the former Soviet Union.

In a culture where communistic rule and ideology was the foundation of society, Gennady, despite his Jewish ancestry, was inevitably indoctrinated with atheism.

Living in Canada, in 1985, Jesus touched Gennady’s heart in a dramatic supernatural experience. Searching for truth, Gennady asked: " Lord, if You are real and Jesus is the Messiah, please show me." Instantly, God sent two visions to him. After this experience, Gennady was eager to invite the Lord into his life. Shortly after, his wife Svetlana committed her life to the Lord as well.


It was in 1991, when God’s calling on Gennady’s life was put into action. He began working for the ministry of Sid Roth in Brunswick, GA. The mission of this ministry was to pioneer a new congregation amongst the Russian Jews in New York City.

In 1993, the Lord lead the Livshits family to Edmonton, AB., to establish their home and base of operations for their ministry. Gennady began traveling as a Teacher-Evangelist.

In his travels across North America, Gennady has consistently seen Deliverance, healing, and other manifestations of God’s Holy Spirit. Many have received encouragement, prophesy, words of knowledge, words of wisdom and were healed through the ministry of Pastor Gennady.

In 1997, the Lord called Gennady and his family to reach the Russian Jewish Community of Montreal. God spoke to Gennady to organize two outreaches in the Jewish area of the city. During those meetings, a riot broke out involving the Orthodox Jewish Community. Yet God had given Gennady great success through those meetings and people were saved. Miracles happened during both services and the Lord established the "House of David Assembly" in the Jewish area of Montreal where Gennady Livshits is the Pastor today.

Gennady has not only a pastoral anointing on his life. He also is anointed as a Teacher-Evangelist, where God is using him through different gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is also an anointed worshiper used by God to bring people in to an amazing atmosphere of worship where very often they receive their healing and deliverance while in worship.This makes Gennady’s ministry even more unique.

Pastor Gennady Livshits is open for a speaking engagements, seminars, conferences.
For more information please, contact Pastor Gennady Livshits:
By phone: (514) 481-4579. Fax (514) 484-4973. By mail: "House of David Assembly" P.O. Box 63538, Montreal, Quebec. Canada. H3W 3H8. Visit Gennady's website : www.