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Alicia Smith


Alicia was born in San Jose, California. Having been born without a right hip socket due to a birth defect, Alicia’s early years were difficult. Several corrective surgeries, along with dealing with pain and not being able to do the active things that other kids could do was a part of her life. Alicia exclaims, "When God closes a door, He opens a window! I was not able to do gymnastics of ballet, but the Lord replaced those things with other gifts; like art and music."

Alicia began her musical training and age 5. She received the Lord as a result of a Billy Graham crusade, because of the insistence of a life-long friend. It wasn’t till years later that Alicia found that she was able to know Yeshua as her Jewish Messiah. She was born again, led by her sister Tish. Tish had put her in touch with Jews For Jesus, who suggested a Chrisitan Missianary Alliance in her home town to attend. However, there was still something missing. "Being the only Jew in a Gentile congregation was a bit uncomfortable." A few years passed, and Alicia moved. Still wanting to keep her Jewish roots, Alicia found a Messianic Jewish congregation to go to for the high holidays.

"I called the number in the ad and the Rabbi invited me to come to Shabbat service a week before Rosh Hashannah. Curiosity got the better of me. A place where there were other Jewish people like me who worship Yeshua? This I had to see! I tell you, when I saw them bring out the Torah and heard the Hebrew chants, I knew in my heart that this was what Yeshua Himself wanted for me. I was home!"

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