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Artist: Zipporah Bennett

Album Title: “Halelu”

I am blessed to bring to you our latest featured artist’s CD release, Zipporah Bennett’s “Halelu”. This is Zipporah’s fourth release, and in my opinion, her best. This collection of songs composed by Zipporah, a renowned Israeli Messianic music artist, has got to be one of the greatest to come from the Holy land in years!  “Halelu” is a fine example of Zipporah’s talented ability to bring the full emotion of each scripture that she puts to song. I have listened to this one over and over, and I can say that this is a CD that you will not grow tired of.  Zipporah keeps your interest with each beautifully polished song, using instrumentation which has been well-thought out. This refreshing CD contains Hebrew and English, and is sure to appeal to everyone.

My first choice for a song sample is entitled, “Adonai Yagen B’adi”, (The Lord is Covering Me). Based upon Psalm 138, Zipporah has captured the very emotion of this passage in scripture, and given it a special Israeli musical flavor. This song features another much loved Messianic artist, Carol Cantrell, whose voice is absolutely beautiful! You will be left praising God for His protection and deliverance! 

The second song sample is entitled, “Itotai”, (All My Times). With the soothing vocal style of soloist, Sarah Liberman, Psalm 31 comes alive, bringing you to the Holy of Holies. Zipporah’s anointed songwriting is so evident in this wonderful, worshipful musical offering. I must say it is one of my favorites from the CD.

The CD jacket contains lyrics written in Hebrew, transliterated into English, and the English translation, a result of many requests. I know that you will be blessed by ordering your copy of this sure-to-be favorite of many!




Zipporah Bennett was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in New York. As a young woman she found that her spiritual needs were not being met in the synagogue. Deep within her burned the question, "Where is God?"  This began a long quest which ended in a remarkable encounter with the Messiah in the Hawaiian Islands that changed her life.

In her zeal to study Scripture and to discover the Messiah in the Old Testament, she saw in a fresh light the End Time plan of God to restore the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and to Himself. Over a period of time, she realized God was calling her to be a part of this plan. In obedience, Zipporah moved to Jerusalem in 1976, where she met, and now lives with her husband Ramon, a well known international author and Bible teacher.

Challenged in those early years in Jerusalem by the lack of indigenous praise and worship, Zipporah began to pray that God would do something about the situation. Soon, as if in answer to her own prayers, she began composing songs. In her unique Hebraic style which stems from her Synagogue background, she has set Scripture to song using the original Hebrew texts of the Bible. From these small prayerful beginnings, today her songs are being sung, and danced to in congregations throughout Israel, America, Mexico, and other countries of the world.  A collection of these favorites is on her first tape, "Gates of Zion". Her second release, “Kuma Adonai”, (Arise, O Lord!), contains songs of warfare and worship. She then compiled an album featuring Messianic Scriptures from the Old Testament set to melody entitled “Who Hath Believed”. The songs on her most recent release, Halelu, is with the nations in mind, as all the songs are composed to be sung both in Hebrew and English, or other languages.
All her albums are orchestrated and sung by members of Israeli congregations and are popular throughout the Land and overseas.
Zipporah travels extensively with her husband and is an anointed speaker and teacher in her own right. While she is often asked to share her testimony, other ministry presentations feature an interesting blend of worship, and sharing from her Hebraic background and study of the Bible.

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