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Artist: Messianic Musicians in Israel

Album Title: Messianic Songs In Israel

Yet another blessing has come to from our friends at Hataklit, LTD of Israel. This special collection of great Messianic songs, sung in English, immediately captured my desire to journey through a very anointed release. Renowned Yuval Shomron has produced yet another wonderful compilation CD. You will hear the offerings of Merv & Merla Watson, Elisheva Shomron, Steve Schneider, Gwen Moore, Carol Cantrell, Roy, Chip and Mary Kendall, and others. This CD will bring the praises of the Holyland into your home.

I have sampled Merv and Merla’s timeless “Then Shall The Virgin Rejoice”, Carol Cantrell’s anointed arrangement of “Shomer Israel”, and Roy and Chip Kendall’s “Family Song”, proclaiming As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! There is so much more to hear on this CD. “Messianic Songs In Israel” is one of those special CD’s welcomed in any Messianic music collection.

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