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Artist: Steve McConnell

Biographical Information

Steve has been a worship leader for over a decade and has played for audiences across the United States and in Israel. Steve and Sue's first encounter with Messianic Judaism was at Congregation Melech Yisrael in Worcester, MA in 1990. After joining the synagogue, they began writing songs that became part of Melech’s Shabbat worship. In 1995, another Melech Yisrael couple realized a profit from the sale of their home and approached Steve and Sue about donating some money to enable their songs to be recorded. The original intention was that each of the Melech families would be able to have a copy, and perhaps it would be shared with the other New England congregations as well. The result was "We Delight" and it surprised everyone, especially Steve and Sue! It has now sold in the tens of thousands of copies and its songs can be heard in homes and congregations throughout the US, Israel, Canada, Cuba, South America, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and India. In 1998, Steve and Sue released "HaMoedim -- The Appointed Times", a collection of songs celebrating the appointed times of the Lord found in the 23rd chapter of Leviticus. Now their latest recording, "Sim Shalom", is available. "Sim Shalom" is a collection of songs that starts and ends with portions of the prayer by the same name found in the Amidah. Each song in between is in one way or another connected with the desire for true shalom.

Recently, Steve and Sue moved to the Hartford, CT area (where Steve now works) and they now attend Shuvah Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Simsbury, CT. Steve and Sue collaborate on their songs, often setting scripture passages and siddur prayers to music. They are currently working on their next album (tentatively titled Yeshua) full of songs exalting the name of our Messiah. When not writing music, they enjoy playing with their bloodhound, Clem.

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